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 Marian Wojtaszek

NATURAL SUBSTRATE - undergravel substrate is made from four components. One of them are sedimentary soil, taken from a depth of several meters, loess and clay with a high mineral content, especially iron, necessary for the development and growth of plants. The advantage is also that substrate absorbs carbon and calcium compounds from the water.

AKWA-GROUND is the first Polish product of this kind. Experience and continuous improvement lasted 20 years, and changes in the proportion of the mixture gave even better results. Our efforts have supported the geological surveys Dalkowskie Hills by Mrs. Dr. Catherine Issmer. Plants grown in this medium has gained recognition in the international market and have been repeatedly highlighted, among others: the most interesting stand in the botany category - ZOOBOTANICA 2010, award AGA 2004 in USA, entitled "Specimen of 2002" from magazine "Kwietnik" ("Flowerbed").

About NATURAL SUBSTRATE you can read, among others in the book "Aquarium - my passion," Paweł Zarzyński, Galaktyka 2010, "The substrate in the aquarium", Szymon Nagy, Moje Akwarium 11/2011

"NATURAL SUBSTRATE series Akwa-ground gives guarantees the proper functioning of the aquarium for at least 6 years. Aquarium does not require any additional fertilization or CO2"

Marian Wojtaszek

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